Aula Rullaa 2020: Ranny & The Highlanders, DJ Huismayne

la 25.1 klo 19.00 Liput 6 €

Malmin svengaavin soitinorkesteri esittää Lähiöiskelmiä ja ikivirheitä.

”Holy Hamhams for Everybodies!

This decades first Rannary-gig is in National Theatres Stageclub again. There you can buy ours newest first full vinyl-album Farewell to the Tattarmossen (20€) and koolest t-shirts in North Helsinki, yellow and green coulors (15€). Also starring DJ Huismayne plays rekords and good music. Remember buy your ticket early and join to place and Hammaround. And remember what, Cat-Pasi, legendary doorman from Avion told us: LOBBY RULES!!!!!

Yours, Rannars”