Axel – solo male vocal with English surtitles

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In September we provide English surtitles for an audience´s and critic´s favourite performance Axel – solo male vocal (Axel – soolo miesäänelle)!

She was born a woman but wished to be accepted as a man. Becoming a man required hormone treatment. There was just one obstacle: her voice. She felt her soul was in her beautiful voice, and she didn’t want to lose it.

Eventually the need to be accepted as a man grew so strong that she decided to undergo treatment. Now, two and half years later, Axel is both physically and socially identified as a man. But who is he on the inside?

Axel – solo male vocal is a melodic portrait of someone forced to choose between gender and voice. The piece asks – was Axel’s sacrifice worth it? What is gender? Why must we choose? Is it possible to choose?

Written by Heini Junkkaala and Axel
Directed by Heini Junkkaala
Performed by Axel


English surtitles

By downloading the Thea-application on your device and joining the wireless Textning-network at Lavaklubi you can enjoy Axel with English surtitles using your smartphone or tablet.


1. Go to Settings
2. Choose Aeroplane mode
3. Find and activate the wifi-network Textning.
4. Go to your AppStore* and download the free application Thea.
5. Open the app Thea and choose your preferred language
6. Enjoy the performance!

If you don’t have a mobile device you can loan a device from the bar. Please leave the device to the bar after the performance.

*The application is available on AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store and it works on iOs, Android and the latest Windows Phone 8 devices. Downloading requires your account password.
**There is only a limited amount of devices to borrow.

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